WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                                 exercise #1

Haiga Renga 2006

a Global Collaboration

15 artists *
 a collaborative series of linked images
created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia forum


IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions very carefully...all the way down :-)

1)  For those who have not taken part in this type of collaborative work, please see the
instructions and comments from our previous rengas multimedia.exercise index  -- see exercises # 6,7,8.

2)  We'll be doing a global collaboration renga, with a new twist--we'll be including haiku as well, so that the images being passed from one person to the next will be haiga.

3) * These are the participants listed in the order we will proceed. We'll exchange images in a round robin (twice)...
each artist will thus create two images.

1. Ron  Moss /rm  ron.moss@education.tas.gov.au 
2. Laryalee Fraser /lf  laryalee@yahoo.com

Jim Swift /js  jswift@alberni.net
4. Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevicjd /jd  Dior@sezampro.yu
5. Linda Papanicolaou /
lp  paplinda@yahoo.com
6. Darrell Byrd /db  dbyrd37@yahoo.com
7. Shanna Moore /sm 
8. Shane Gilreath /sg 
9. Carol Raisfeld /cr
10. ashe/ ashe@thegreenleaf.co.uk
11. Gillena Cox /gc  gillena2001@yahoo.com

12. Pris Campbell /pc  campris@bellsouth.net
13. Carol Sircolumb /cs  
14. Kilmeny Niland /kn
15. Mary Angela nangini / man   nangini@gmail.com
16. soji - /s  soji@haikupoetshut.com

4)  Each artist must introduce something new while altering the previous image and haiku...(leaving a recognizable portion of the previous work), and must write a new haiku incorporating at least one word from the previous haiku
('a' and 'the' don't count).  Backgrounds are at the whim of the artist.

5)  While backlinking is not strictly prohibited in graphic renga rules, you should avoid repeating ideas previously  expressed, and make sure that the haiga you add on shifts enough from the previous haiga that your successor will have fresh ideas to work with.

Your final images, including borders, must be 550 X 550 pixels, should be at 72 ppi resolution,
should be .jpg images, and should be optimized at maximum optimization.

 The size of the seed image must be retained through the linking process.

7A seed image has been chosen and appears here on the thumbnail page.

8) The list of artists is numbered. That is the order in which the images are 
passed  from one to another with a copy to me.
     Artists must stay in that order until the renga is finished.. 

9) Number, initial and name your image in your email and in your jpeg --
(please keep titles short--four words at the most)  Example: # 9/cr-- petals pretend to fall

10) When completed, email your attached image (with your #, initials, and name of your image)
to the next artist on the list with a copy to me at:  LaaRouge@aol.com  [not to the list]

 Images will be posted on our exercise site as work progresses.

12)  Once an image is sent to the next person, it cannot be changed.

13)  First submission: Sunday, January 22.

14)  There is a 48 hour turnaround for each artist. (midnight your local time)

 Be brave! Don't be timid about altering the previous artist's work or ideas...be inspired and incorporate them into your new original work of art ... just go for it!

Please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing and wish to share with everyone.

Don't hesitate to ask questions on list...

Have a great time!!

     Carol ;~)

l Haiga Renga Images  l

works created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum
are copyright of the artist