by carol raisfeld



The touch
of the curve is the touch I adore,
so delicious to savor, each curve has allure.
The curve of your back where it tingles when
kissed, to the curve of your neck and the
curve of your lips. And the passionate
curve with delectable taste,
arousing the senses
are for lovers to
fully explore, loving each
curve; knowing there's more.
The curve of a lover is like no
other, and the message it
sends; the curve never


Morning Curves

I press myself against the glass
hoping that he'll see,
enticing curves of this and that
arousing him for me.

The door is open just a bit
enough for me to call
an invitation to this man,
who seems to want it all.

I feel his hands caress my neck
he draws me to his side
and rubs my body tenderly,
with hands that press and glide.

The steamy heat just emanates
from bodies so aligned,
I find myself oh so wet
and very much entwined.

Then he takes that one last kiss
before we say goodbye
and yes, it's time to let him go
with a smile, then a sigh.

I see him walking out the door
checking on the hour,
leaving me to think about
our lovely morning shower.


Summer Curves

the moist lily
with petals open wide,
warm folds curve backward at the tip


Crystal Curves 

The stream
in moonlight, twists and turns
melding crystal curves with dark soft

Carol Raisfeld


winter swallows
the curve of his hand
in mine

grandma's crippled walk --
the vine of morning glories
curve towards the sun

Karina Klesko


the curved space
between each breath
your touch

with every curve
a new surprise
around the bend

urgent the message
sliding down the curves

the curves
your arms form
around me

my desire
even from a distance
curves around you

our curves form
an eternity

Mary Angela Nangini


breakers cresting
rushing to spend themselves
   in smooth curves
 beneath trembling hands
  you complete my day


curves in the road
they turn into
the same motel




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