WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                                   Instructions  
 Spring 2008

Haiga Renga
a Global Collaboration

15 artists *
a collaborative series of linked images
created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia forum


IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions very carefully...all the way down :-)
 We will have to pause the renga for corrections if non-conforming haiga are posted.

We're all familiar with linked verse renga, but did you know that renga can also be images?  In the sense that we'll be working with it here, renga (lit. linked image) is a collaborative computer graphic artwork that is developed by exchanging images over the Internet, 'quoting'  from or 'adding' directly to a previous work so that new artworks are developed and passing the modified art work on.  In an art renga, connecting thoughts are visually expressed to produce a series of linked images...

The process:
Person A on the list (Ron) modifies a seed image and sends it to person B (Doris) through E-mail.  Person B may use part of the work or alter it to create his/her own work, and send the result on to person C (Jim). Person C does the same and so forth.  A part of the previous work must be retained while creating a new haiga.
Fourteen artists will exchange images in a round robin (twice)...each artist will create two images.
By repeating this process, each artist will contribute a new original image to the link in the series of work.
The resulting haiga series will be like a picture scroll, a Graphic Renga.


1) As originally invented by NAKAMURA Rieko and ANZAI Toshihiro, graphic renga are purely visual, but on WHChaikumultimedia, our variant is that each image be a haiga, with a haiku.  

2) The image you create from the image you receive must maintain the specifications of the original seed image--jpeg format,  550 X 550 pixels, and 72 ppi resolution.
The size of the seed image must be retained throughout the linking process.
Images must not be more than 250  KB.

3) Alter the image you receive by adding to it, subtracting from  it, or by cutting something from it and pasting it into a new image. Changes should be substantive (i.e. more than simply applying a photoshop filter) but what you took from the previous image must be clearly perceptible.

4) Introduce something new while altering the previous image and haiku. Compose a new, appropriate haiku
for your image, incorporating one word from the haiku in the image you have received and insert it into your haiga. ('a' and 'the' don't count).  Unlike renku linked poetry, we do not strictly prohibit backlinking  in graphic renga, repetition of subject matter and words from previous links should be avoided.

5) You may use your own choice of fonts but do not add frames, borders or vignette your image--framing the series will be the job of the person who is making the web page. Backgrounds are at the whim of the artist.

6) Filename your jpeg as well as your email with your number in sequence and initials.
 Name your image in your email only --
(please keep titles short--four words at the most)  Example: 01-rm -- petals pretend to fall
7) When you have finished your haiga, email  your attached image (with your #, initials)
 to  the next artist on the list with copies to Carol and Linda, 
LaaRouge@aol.com and paplinda@yahoo.com
[not to the list]

8) The list of artists is numbered. That is the order in which the images are passed from one to another.
 Artists must stay in that order until the renga is finished.. 

9) Once an image is sent to the next person, it cannot be changed unless other participants have reservations about its compliance with the rules of the exercise. These must be expressed immediately in order not to cause subsequent problems.


10) There is a 48 hour turnaround time maximum for each artist. (midnight your local time)

11)  First submission: Tuesday  April 1, 2008

Images will be posted on our exercise site as work progresses.

Graphic Renga is an aesthetic of free association and spontaneity.
It is about individual creativity being inspired by the previous artists work, so just go for it...your first creative thoughts are usually your best!


 Be brave! Don't be timid about altering the previous artist's work or ideas...be inspired and incorporate them into your new original work of art.

Please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing and wish to share with everyone.

Don't hesitate to ask questions on list...;-)

Have fun!


*Participating Artists:

01. Ron Moss /rm  ron.moss@education.tas.gov.au  
02. Doris Kasson /dk 

 Jim Swift /js  ostonica@shaw.ca  
04. Carol Sircoulomb /cs  
05. ashe (Ashe Wood) /a  
06. Norman Darlington /nd norman.darlington@gmail.com 
07. Kitsune Miko (Sandy Vrooman) /km  
08. Gillena Cox /gc  
09. Sakuo Nakamura /sn 

10. Shanna Moore /sm  shannabaldwin@gmail.com
11. Linda Papanicolaou /lp  

12. Carol Raisfeld / cr Laarouge@aol.com
Mike Rehling / mr mikerehling@gmail.com
14. Pris Campbell /pc  
15. soji (Gary Barnes) /s  


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