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   Director, WHChaikumultimedia                                                                               Assistant Director
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nything Goes! *

typical activity of the forum is to offer interesting exercises where members may create
             digital, photo or art illustrations, which are then shared onlist for critique and comment.

      Then there are those projects which defy definition where challenges, inspiration and experimentation
            entwine, and our wildest creations come goes without saying, "anything goes".


        An exercise challenge of creating an image from poured paint or a "blob", as each artist    
        interprets the same blob to expose what for them, is lurking inside
       ...and the charm of BlobArt.
The blob, courtesy of Jerry Dreesen.

    Camera Toss -
      In this unusual exercise, the movement of a random camera toss created the images
      used in these haiga.  We all had our own style, from a flip of the wrist, to a slow sway,
      to the 'camera as pendulum'.

  Astronomical Haiga -
An interesting challenge, with Jim Swift posting the Astronomy Picture of the Day from
      the NASA Web site.
      Using the image of the
birthday card for the 10th  anniversary of the SOHO
 (the SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite everyone created their own unique haiga
      Beautiful images evolved by using a variety of techniques incorporating digital manipulation.

      Da Eye -
An unexpected flash from a cell phone camera at close range resulted in this close-up
       photo of "Da Eye". Each artist uses it as the basis for their own unique 'eye-riginal' image.


     PUSH and PULL -
 An experiment with different color combinations and how they affect the composition.
      With 'push and pull', shapes and colors interact to create not only the feeling of space,
      but of movement as well.

  MYoats -

      The special feature of this program is its ability to handle radial and reflective symmetry.
      Your drawings are instantly turned into kaleidoscopes, and you can play with the number of sides.
      The site also has the capaability to save your images as high quality png's, from which format it's
       easy to open the file for post-processing in your photo editor.


Works created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum are copyright of the artist.
                                         They are not to be copied or used in any way without  written permission.