exercise 11


    Graffiti Walls
     ~ WHChaikumultimedia members only ~ 

Please read the instructions very carefully...all the way down.;-)


To create a Graffiti Wall using the mouse or mouse pen as a drawing tool for a part of the wall. 
You may incorporate color, photomontage, designs and themes in any style, using software,
tools and filters of choice. Feel free to use 'Graffiti Walls-for the taking' click here:
Graffiti Walls  Samples - exercise 11 or you may use any other backgrounds such as buses,
buildings, trains or walls of your choice.


1) Part of your graffiti must incorporate drawing with a mouse or mouse pen.
    As much or as little as you like, but enough to be recognizable as mouse-drawn.

2) An original haiku must be incorporated in the design of your image.

3) Everything else is a free-for-all..
You may incorporate color, photomontage, designs of any style, using software, tools
 and filters of choice. You may explore layering and the use of new grafitti fonts offered on the internet. 
Tip:you can build your graffiti image around your haiku, if you wish.  

4) Images, including borders, may be up to 600 pixels in either length or width,
    at 72
ppi resolution.
    Gif, Swish, Flash, and JPG are all fine ... but not necessary.

5) Each artist may submit up to two graffiti images.

   Name each image as follows:  Graffiti-yourfullname.jpg  [no spaces] 

Example: Grafitti-1-carolraisfeld.jpg, Graffiti-2-carolraisfeld.jpg
 7)  Subject line should read: 
GRAFFITI WALL- submission
 -- send your images to me:
                 with a copy to Linda: paplinda@yahoo.com

8) Feel free to workshop your images onlist, as we normally do.
 Given the depth of talent in our group, this is going to be one wild ride!

 DEADLINE: midnight March 15, 2005
You may begin sending your Graffitti from now until the deadline.

Please alert any of your WHChmm friends who may be on digest and not checking their email.

Feel free to ask any questions on or off list throughout our graffiti adventure ;-)

Please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing...and wish to share with all of us.

 Have a great time!


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