WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                         exercise 11
        3/15/05                                                                                                                  introduction                                                                                                                                                               

     Graffiti Walls


 Greetings all, 
A little background about our completely "off the wall" exercise...;-)                

Graffiti artists are classified based on their style or even on what surface they use.
The simplest form of graffiti is a simple signature known as a tag, and is consequently
referred to as tagging.

Graffiti is a type of deliberate human markings on property. Graffiti can take the form of art, drawings, or words,
and is often illegal vandalism when done without the property owner's consent...;-) Its origin can be traced back
to ancient civilizations such as the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece. If one's definition of graffiti is broad enough,
one could even include prehistoric cave paintings.

Since many graffiti artists are considered vandals, many have moved to creating computer generated graffiti instead,
using computer graphics to mimic and expand on the styles of aerosol art. When such art is created on a computer,
it is not technically graffiti, in the sense of being unauthorized, but it is called so because of the stylistic influence.

Our Graffiti Walls exercise will open a new canvas for exploration and give us an opportunity to try our hand at mouse drawing,
and incorporating a haiku into an unusual and yet distinctive art form found everywhere in the world.

Below are some sites that will show you 'the writing on the wall' before the instructions (with constraints) are posted.
Enjoy, and since many of us will be workshopping our grafffiti, feel free to ask questions and discuss the sites.

Graffitifonts.com >>> Graffiti Fonts -> http://www.graffitifonts.com/fonts.shtml
Great free fonts!  If you need help downloading, just ask--we have experts in the room.;-)

Lots of images to explore

http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/q4b.jpg Wow!

Rakugaki -- Japanese graffiti ~ gate39.com: a webzine on Japan

Good article.

Restricted to adults 18 years and over...

Stay tuned...instructions to follow.