WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                         exercise 11
      3/15/05                                                                                                                comments                                                                                                                                                                          

     Graffiti Walls

created by
members of  the WHChaikumultimedia forum


Thanks to all the brave artists who participated in our 'Graffiti Walls' adventure ... and to everyone who commented and cheered us on.;-)  Our work will be posted for display in the next day or so. I'd like to thank Lary for providing the 'working page' for everyone...it was a big help, as always ... and thanks to Linda and all those that provided additional links and laughs..;-) it was really fun! 
Hugs all around!
Carol -


Okay! Applause, Applause and Hug Hug....
I too love Carol's little lady (thought it was me for a minute)...
and Vic's contribution was the one with the neatest haiku
and pic in my early morning estimation though loved them all.



It's so great to see them all together.
What a fun exercise Hey, 'we done good' :-)
Thanks, /Carol and Linda!



these are great. congratulations everyone.
At first glance my favs are Linda's wall, carole's arch,
 lary's fence and pris's green man. (just love that face!)
I found this exercise really difficult but i'm looking at graffiti in a whole new way.
 wonder if i'll ever come across a graffiti haiku?
many thanks, Ashe


Yes, the "georgie burns" is wonderful
And complete with the the "purple?? hat"
Where did you get that shot Carol.

Congratulations to eveyone. As usual a great collection.



Thanks, once more Carol, for a terrific idea and all the work you did
in assembling it. That little cutie in the lower right looks like
George Burns in drag! That's got to be the funniest one.


I'm with soji...
I think that "cutie" sets off your
graffiti perfectly, Carol!

Thanks for another wonderful project --
it's so much fun being part of this group,
but you and Linda deserve a standing
ovation for the way you keep us focused...
we can be a rather rowdy bunch at times, lol!

This deserves another Group Hug!!!!


Yes..group hug in order...and be sure to haul in that Ron Moss for his  wonderful logo for our rowdy bunch...the one with MM's bouncing off the walls! *LOL*


Thanks, soji
Even from across the street, she was not the scent of roses...:-)
...and you're right, she does look like George Burns in drag...ya think?


Cool!! Don't we all look good! *lol*  It's fun to see them all on one page Carol. 
Thanks for all your hard work to bring it to us like this.


 Thanks, Carole
Your rocks really do rock! :-)


Hugs to all, This is a fantastic collection.
Great art work.
Thanks for this wonderful exercise.



Thank you Carol and Linda for managing the Graffiti workshop
and posting the work as you have done. Itís good to see it all in finished form.

Gary R. Ford, Ph.D


Hi all,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your comments and enthusiasm for our graffiti...
I hope it was one more creative stretch for such a rowdy bunch of taggers.
Everyone one did so well. Congratulations, gang ... GROUP HUGGGG!  ~~~
some notes below...;-)
Lary -thanks again for your all your work, and we now have a majority for a group hug!
Linda - Thanks for everything ..."what a hoot!"
Jim - I held the photo for so long, I don't remember where I got it-but finally a place to use it!
Carole - I've gone back to look at your rocks..;-) yea, beach! 
ashe - I'm surprised you found this one difficult...you created a super realistic graffiti scene :)
soji - The gal is channeling George Burns as we speak!
Pris  -- thanks, "we done good" ...is right..;-)