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To Carol

Congratulations on a superlative, extraordinary thing you've done here..
You should be proud of the final results of this competition and the professional way
in which it was conducted and presented.

I'm proud to have been a small part in this great exercise

And Carol didn't do it alone, folks!  Linda and Lary should be congratulated, too for all their hard work
in making this Logomania a success

 And to the WHCers..the quality of submissions were top rate, all of them!

Bravo to all.


very well put, Jerry :)  Here, Here!  Here's a toast to Carol, Linda,
Lary & ALL who put this together.   There's a great sense of
togetherness in this MM group.  
Thank you, Bette.


Sounds good to me ...an nice little bit o bubbly with our cake!
who said you can't have your cake and eat it tooo.....karina


Ill drink to that!  Doris


"By the way, first thing i notice on arriving at the Natural
History Museum's website is their logos!!  Help!"  - Ashe


Just a few words from a bystander to take under Jerry's words of praise.
   I'm with you all the way for the wonderful job Carol has done, and
Linda, and Lary...and Jim Swift...and in fact, every single one of you! 
As I read and watched I was touched by all the help you gave each
other.  A really terrific group.  Wish I could have participated
but just couldn't this time.  But hats off to MM - another fine
challenge met and conquered! :-)


Carole thanks! You know my love of typing ..ha! it's good to have someone else put my
thoughts into words.
Brava, Bravo! Wow, it is truly amazing with all the flurry of mail and creative spurts of ideas.
What would we do without all of your organizational abilities!!
 Thanks Carol R. for a truly wonderful forum !

love, karina


With them all laid out like this, they look terrific. I think the judges will have a tough time.
What ever they do, I think the choice will be a good one. I congratulate the group that
burned so much loving energies in sacrifice to this cause.
I also applaud them for the learning that took place as they did so.

a crowd gathers
to wait
new baby coming

Gary R. Ford, Ph.D


Hello Logomaniacs:

Checking in...have "waded" through the "logomania" posts....have some
favorites of course..soji, ashe, jerry...oh, can't go through all of
them..enough mail as it is and there are so very  many worthy of comment.  
Making logos is not on my agenda but have to play too   -  so have
attached one.... Trying to come up with something gave me more insight
into the work all the MMers have been doing. Impressive!   Guess some
people never sleep!

My lone effort came out a pixelated mess when I posted to Webshots so
just deleted it.  Sighhhhhhhhh. (ack! see it is still there) but when I
changed the color iit was not tooooo bad soooo - to be part of the group

:-)  doris

All I can say is WOW - it's mind boggling!  Bet you never thought we could create so much work -
 and, I can see why your system would crash.  Many talented people exist in our group. 
 It's so nice to see everything.
Carol - has this been like having sextuplets, and trying to keep up with them?  I'm laughing.

Thank you to both you and Linda for all your work!!!



It is just so terrific to experience all the different ways we articulate WHC/WHR.
We all have such different and wonderful personalities.
There have been so many AHA moments throughout this time.

the bend of a line
accent unmistakeable

nothing ever lost

Best,  Deborah



As you know, some of our exercises have been pretty intense, like the Global Renga where

turn around time was 24 hours....that renga was an aesthetic of free association and spontaneity.
I wonder what would happen if we tried to be spontaneous and think
'end result' thoughts...and you might get a vision in your mind's eye of what's inside of you.
 Everyone has expressed all the right words and now we have to capture it visually...just as we did in the renga.
Clear your mind--totally.

Visualize your logo on the front page with text introducing the WHC/WHR and what they stand for ...
high standards, quality, creativity, community...yet down to earth and inviting.

Visualize your logo on a page ... there might be an essay, art or poetry and your logo.
Try to follow your vision...as if you had 24 hours.

We had a great Global Renga and in the time allotted I think we discovered a little more about
 'follow your heart' and just do it!

PS: 2 AM seems to be prime time for the 'light to go on'...hard to let go, isn't it...;-)


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