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   World Haiku Club :: World Haiku Review
Design Contest


Greetings all,

The time has come to test our creative mettle, once again. Our MM forum has been chosen to design new logos for WHC (World Haiku Club) and WHR (World Haiku Review) .

As you all know, the next issue of World Haiku Review is in the works. Many of you have sent in submissions for what will be an outstanding report from the WHChaikumultimedia list. 

What you may not know is that a major effort is also underway to redesign WHR, and part of this makeover is to design new logos, both for WHR and for the WHC webpage...To refresh your memory of what we have now, here are the urls for the WHC and WHR home pages::

We are aiming for the highest standards and quality, as always.
The new formatting of The World Haiku Review is a major undertaking and the site will have many innovative features and 'new everything' including the WHC and WHR logos.


WHChaikumultimedia members only

Please read the instructions very carefully...all the way down.;-)


Design two logos, possibly three.

  1-  WHR logo (World Haiku Review)
  2 - WRC logo (World Haiku Club)
  3 - a combination logo design representing both WHR and WHC.

** You may submit up to 2 designs for each logo- (total of 6)...


1.Your final images, including borders, should be 410 X 410 pixels or 510 X 510,
at 72 ppi resolution.
Gif, Swish, Flash, and JPG are all fine ... but not necessary.
The logo will appear in many sizes, so work within these parameters.

hint: While you are working, reduce your logo to 110 X 110 to see if it reads well in a smaller size as well.

   Name each image as follows: logo-whc1-yourname.jpg  [no spaces]

    Example: logo-whc1-carolraisfeld.jpg, logo-whc2-carolraisfeld.jpg
                   logo-whr1-carolraisfeld.jpg, logo-whr2-carolraisfeld.jpg
                   logo-combo1-carolraisfeld.jpg, logo-combo2-carolraisfeld.jpg

3. Subject line should read: Logo design submission
                send you images to me:
                 with a copy to Linda:

4. Your logo images may be any style of creative art form, including digital art and scanned original art work, integrated art forms, as well as animated art of any style.

Here on the forum, we have been exploring the myriad possibilities within the realm of multimedia, so remember, be brave and creative...think elegant and simple.
Creativity will count!

5.You may submit up to 2 images for each logo WHC, WHR, WHC/WHR ...
a total of 6..remember, do not include your name in the image. 

6.  MM collaboration is encouraged, on one or all logo designs. Please write the word   
    "collaboration" in your email and be sure to include both (all) names.

7. Feel free to workshop your images onlist, as we normally do.
We are all at different levels of expertise and work so well together on our projects... Creative ideas fly fast and furious, and it's contagious. We are fantastic cheerleaders for one other and our c&c is the best!
As always, when we work together and help each other, a win for one is a win for all.

8. The names of the prestigious judges will be kept secret until the announcement of a winner or winners of this competition...there may, or course, not be a winner if no one produces a suitable image, but given the depth of talent in our group we can't imagine that all of you won't submit fabulous ideas...

9. DEADLINE: December 5, 2004
You may begin sending your designs from now until the deadline.

Please alert any of your MM friends who may be on digest and not checking their email.

Feel free to ask any questions on or off list throughout our logo adventure ;-)

Please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing...and wish to share with all of us.

Good Luck, everyone!  Yessss!!...we're on our way. Have a great time!


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digital, photo or art illustrations created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum
copyright of the artist