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WHChaikumultimedia Kukai
An ongoing series of haiga contests

February Challenge



Create a haiga

1) Create an image using a either a "Camera Toss" or a "Digital Toss", (an out-of-focus image with movement.)
2) Write an original haiku to go with it.
3) Create a haiga embedding your haiku in the image.
4) Name your haiga, be sure to label the subject line and your jpeg.

5) Haiga must be posted for workshopping to be eligible.

6) Workshop as many haiga as you like, but you may submit two for the kukai voting. 

7) All members are eligible to vote, whether you've submitted or not.

**Juxtaposition of image and haiku should be perceivable, and good haiga aesthetic should



You may now start submitting your workshopped haiga December 19th for the Kukai.

You may submit two for the kukai voting. 

Name your haiga, be sure to label the subject line and your jpeg. [winter wind-yourname.jpg] [no spaces in the name]

If you submit more than one, name them:
      Example: winter wind-carolraisfeld1.jpg, umbrellas-carolraisfeld2.jpg

 Do not include your name in the image.

Send your submissions to both Carol and Linda, and
[not to the list]

 Submission Deadline: February 28, 2009 - midnight your local time.

Voting instructions will be announced onlist. When voting is closed winners will be announced.

Have fun, and please continue to submit other images you wish to share...


PS: Any questions may be addressed on or offlist.  Linda and I will be available 24/7... ;-)

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Works created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum are copyright of the artist.
         They are not to be copied or used in any way without  written permission.