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Go-Shichi-Go / Basho's frog is not the only haiku water-lover


Susumu Takiguchi / Special to The Daily Yomiuri

For the past three months, we have examined senryu. Now let us return to haiku and start a series of studies under various broad themes--beginning today with the theme of water. Water permeates the world in many forms and provides a rich source for haiku. Let us start with Carol Raisfeld's beautiful haiku:


almost dawn

the first snow

becomes the sea


Raisfeld lives near a beach, as her address--Atlantic Beach, N.Y., on the southern edge of Long Island just outside New York City--shows. She is lucky enough to be able to walk along the water's edge just before the day begins. She saw the first snow begin to fall and as each white crystal hit the water it became part of the sea. "Becomes the sea" may be slightly exaggerated, but is effective in depicting this magical phenomenon. A big landscape haiku a la Buson.

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