WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                                        exercise #3
  7/03                                                                                                                                   Tulip Festival

                                                   - New Illustrations of a Haiku -

     "As with traditional haiga, the best combinations create something new by the combination -- a synergy that is greater than the sum of its elements. If either the image or the poem is redundant, then what is accomplished? A good modern haiga should rise above mere "illustration" of the poem."

Michael Dylan Welch, "Objective and Subjective Assessments of Modern Haiga".


After reading Michael's commentary and having the opportunity to enter into discussions about the nature of combining poem with image, we are now seeing the same haiku in different ways.

                                                               tulip festivaló
                                                               the colours of all the cars
                                                               in the parking lot
 Michael Dylan Welch

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01. soji

02. Linda

03. Erin Harte

04. Debi Faulkner

05. Samantha & Karina

06. Deborah Russell

08. Louise

07. Darrell Byrd

09. Linda

10. Ron Moss

11. an`ya

12. soji

13. Ron Moss

14. Carol Raisfeld

15. ashe

16. Mary Angela Nangini

17. Karina Klesko

18. Doris Kasson

19. Deborah Russell

20. Debi Faulkner

21. an`ya

22. Louise

23. Gillena

24. Ray Rasmussen


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