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ROUND TWO: instead of a drum roll, Carol creatively called us to
the cork board.
Ashe starting at lunch, and me thinking thank goodness that was
not my lunch box or my screams would have been heard
worldwide. Our first shift in round two was early at image 15 in
home alone,  which didn't seem very lonely, what ,with all those
bugs for company? Then we saw the bugs on the moon in a
gravity warped house. I preferred not to shift, but remained in the
link though taking the bugs back to earth and landing on the
mountain top,  but called the image 'Bugs on the Hill' as I thought
the word mountain was a bit long.. I liked the site map in 'Buggy
Perspective'. Then came a Very radical shift from Karina in Spatial
Planning I have view this image more than five times and still
cannot find the back link. Then 'Katy dont' followed, I dont know if
the katy did is a canivore but there was caution in this
confrontational piece. Then another shift into a mandala whirl at
mandlebeetle, then into space at image 22.  I liked the verso
effect link that followed at 23  which continued into 24 and image
shifted to Athens,Greece 2004 in image 25 for a bit of bug sport: 
just the eyes of the world -- grey at this bug arena.  After a long
season (as that's how I felt waiting for Soji's Image) the theme of
looking:  was carried over into Soji's 'window shopping':  our
exercise collective.  Having built up quite an  appetite, and a
respect for bugs, because of the overall exercise; this could be
for me a bug marmalade at the grocery store; but then again it
could be the latest bug game at the toy store; what ever Soji's
motive for staving us before serving up quite an interesting finale
piece, his collective image,  our closing image was very well
appreciated. Love the little bug animations on the exercise page.


What a grand finale, soji!
A fascinating concept, and wonderful artistry...
your creature is rather haunting -- it seems
to resemble a frog, but unlike any frog I've
ever seen, lol!
I hope our bugs will survive in the jar --
did you put air-holes in the lid?

And Carol, I love the little ladybugs crawling
around the entrance page...the blinking one
is especially adorable.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this...
and Linda too...it was great fun!


I'll second all of that!

loved those ladybugs


Make that a "me too."  Did recognize that shopping praying mantis
though...sometimes one rides on my windshield for miles....looks just
like the one in Soji's masterful presentation.


Well, conservative you may call it--I'd say subtle and interesting, Brook.  I've
got it up next to Mike's and to a full set of thumbnails so I can see the details
as well as the overall.

In addition to putting in a very arresting little image of a dragonfly, and a
couple of snatches of seascape that add a bit of mystery to the imagery, I also
see that the dark outlines in Mike's image have been burned in more and
there's a bit of plastic wrap.  Even more interesting is how the black patterning
in your dragonfly's wings seem to be echoed in the dark lines of Mike's ant
and Mary Angela's wood tick?/spider?--well, arachnid. 

Little changes big effect--Now when I look back to Mike's, his is very
patchwork quilt- or flag-like and the Dali reference in his title has been paid
forward to yours.  Not to mention that by replacing the yellow rectangles in his
with cyan and purple, you've changed the rainbow emphasis in that insect
wing shape in the center, not to mention changing the color direction of the
whole renga. Just look where we are now compared to the seed image.  Can't
wait to see what Ron and soji have in store for us to bring this first go-round to
a close.

Amazing how free association and image linking work, isn't it? I think we're
about due to give Carol three more cheers for finding out about graphic renga
and getting us into it.  I'm learning a whole lot that I do believe can apply to
and improve my poetry also.


This was a fun project... A stunning ending by Soji, but what a lead up to
his find finale by all concerned... What a creative group...

Going 'dark' for awhile myself as I sort out my 'real world' commitments,
but will be looking in from time to time...



C'est fini!

Oh, that's a wonderful conclusion, soji.


Thank you, Lary, Ron, Mike, Linda, Darrell, Brook and Mary Angela. This has been a fun exercise and I've enjoyed seeing what sort of bugs everyone would come up with. Lary, that odd looking creature is a praying mantis with eyes from Ron's contribution. Darrell, that mantis is supposed to be behind the jar looking in, window shopping... I may have to work on that effect. <grin>

Thanks to Carol for all her work, and to Mike, again, for the web space for the images.



I had fun looking at the bug project.  Was I surprised to see wee little ants in the seed image.  And here I thought there would be some monster-bug to start the thing going. 

I noticed this one starts out a bit slow.  There seems to be a warm-up time required before anyone really makes a drastic change.   A bug here, another bug there, until Gillena added ‘the bug in the ear’, which was very clever.  This brought forth the monster-bug from Jim, which Karina promptly swirled out of existence and put something a little less scary in it’s place.  Lary seems to have added an amorous jiminy cricket type bug. It appears he has a flower for his ‘lady’ bug? Anyway, true to Lary’s style, there is a ‘green’ spark a flyin’ in the background.

Linda, that’s a cool bug. Is it a magnification of a louse, or a bed bug, or worse? With Mary Angela’s the green stops and everyone really lets their hair down.  From this point on each one is very different, barring the occasional similarity between a pair  of images here and there.

I enjoyed the way Brook took Michael’s  “Dali”, and inserted a real bug into the abstract design.  Ron had some neat textures and depth to his abstract, and I liked the way Soji gathered up the bits and pieces and put them together again - sort of! That was cool! Also provided a nice finish to the first bug renga.

Did Round two begin from Soji’s? I didn’t see a new seed image. Ashe, if anybody can make a spider look good you can! That’s an intricate design held together by the web. Cool!  

Carol, wow, home alone eh?  Looks like a pretty busy house to me, and how did you make it look like needlepoint!  That’s a cool image.  And cute how Darrel skewed it and added a moon…like the house bent over a bit to accommodate the moon.

Wow..Jim, yours reminds of  “ Space Odyssey”!  Love it.   Karina, you had a great  title for yours. Really suited the suggestion of corners and put focus on that spider.

LOL..Lary, great title for yours too. I almost missed the katydid on top of the webbed trap!  The next two are wild!  Great colors, very neon and abstract. 

After Michael’s bug through a dewdrop, I see Brook used one of her great bug photos. I recognize the filter and enjoyed how you took Jim’s reflective sheets and overlapped them. I wonder how you did that?

Oh COOL, Ron moss has given himself compound eyes. Very clever Ron! I really like this one a lot including the little Olympic symbol on the bottom.   And I love Soji’s finishing haiga. The little bug inside the jar is adorable!  What an expression he has looking out.  Nice finish Soji.  And thanks all, for a belated but appreciative look at what you have all been doing.    Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I might have missed a few, but enjoyed them all.




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