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 Team Art Renga Instructions
 a collaborative series of linked images  
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A six-team Renga
created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia forum


Greetings everyone,

Presenting a new art form for this exercise. It's called Art Renga and will certainly showcase the creative mettle of our great group.Talk about a nontraditional creative medium!  Warm up your filters and lassos or copy and paste for some experimentation ... Hope you'll all join in...;-) 

We're all familiar with linked verse renga, but did you know that renga can also be images?  In the sense that we'll be working with it here, renga (lit. linked image) is a collaborative computer graphic artwork that is developed by exchanging images over the Internet, 'quoting'  from or 'adding' directly to a partner's work so that new artworks are developed.  In an art renga, connecting thoughts are visually expressed to produce a series of linked images...

First, person A modifies a seed image and sends it to person B through E-mail. Person B may use part of the work or alter it to create his/her own work, and send the result on to person C. Person C does the same and
returns the result to person A. By repeating this process, a series of works just like a picture scroll will be created...producing Art Renga (linked images).

See the following sites: Examples of outstanding Renga art.

RENGA HOME PAGE - Amazing work!  It took some time to explore the entire site, but each series was a treat.

New Year's RENGA    - You can follow this one down and see how a part of the previous work is included ...by a two man team (hope you can spot it)

GLOBAL COLLABORATION Renga - this collaboration was done by artists from five different countries, combining their talents to create a totally new finished image ...and I could still see the works of all the previous images.

Interesting Renga sites: Artists share their thoughts as they Renga with partners from around the world.

to begin with Global Collaboration

put an end of Global Collaboration

Renga Strings

Renga Note 94


                                                    RENGA T


Linda Papanicolaou
Darrell Byrd
Mary Angela Nangini

Carol Raisfeld
Louise Linville
Norman Darlington

Carole Macrury
Laryalee Fraser
Karina Klesko

Mike Rehling
Kilmeny Niland
Gillena Cox

Jim Swift
Ron Moss


                                                             EXERCISE #6 -  Art  Renga

GOAL:  To present an Art Renga (lit. linked image) by exchanging computer artwork between team members over the Internet...a collaborative creative system in which new works are developed by "quoting" from or adding directly to another's work, in this case within a team. By repeating this process, each artist will contribute a new original image to the link in the series of works. Here is an example: Test Renga.


1.  Your final images, including borders, should be 550 X 550 pixels, should be at 72 ppi resolution, should be .jpg images, and should be optimized at maximum optimization. The size of the seed image must be retained through the linking process if a Flash animation is to be created.
Images must not be more than 200 KB.

2. Each team will choose one seed image from the four images offered.

    *click here - Multimedia Renga seed images exercise.6
   Let me know if there is a problem copying...There is also an attachment.

3. One member of each team will be designated to send the completed Renga series 
     in a zip file to me at:

4.  Name your zip file: Renga Team 1, Renga Team 2, etc.

     Be sure each image in the Renga zip is numbered 1 through 6, each image has a name
     and the artists initials.

       Example:  Each image should be named in the team file.

      t3_3.hovering bee_kn

     In your submission email, list team member's names as they want them

  to appear on the site.

Each team will work in 'round robin'.  Each member takes a number to determine the order in which the images are passed from one to another. The members must stay in that order until the renga is finished.  Each member in turn, #1begining with the seed image, will manipulate the image and then pass a copy of the image on to the next person.  Go around twice so that each team member has two turns.  (Hint for teams of three: you might want to cc the full team as you send the image around so that all members know what's going on at each stage).
You cannot rearrange the order of images...and once an image is sent to the next person, you cannot go back and change it.
Keep copies of each stage and be sure to designate one person to submit the set of six images to me when you've finished.  Have fun, be brave!

6.  There are no rules regarding backlinking.
     Each team can decide how it would like their Renga to progress.
     Sometimes 'free association' is the best way to create Renga for beginners, but something
     is to be said for a team deciding to 'think spring' or  'triangles', and so on.
Each team will be in close contact as modified work is sent from one to another.
The best part will be when we have the "Renga Team Unveiling" and each team will see
what the others have created.
There is no right or wrong if the instructions have been followed. This is about about individual creativity.

As always, we will constructively comment onlist the team images so we can discuss the magic of Renga.

SUBMISSION DATE:  midnight - Saturday, May 1, 2004
If all teams submit before the deadline, Rengas will be posted on the MM site.

Send zip files only to me at:

And, please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing and wish to share with all of us.

Looking forward to seeing your talent and experimentation at work.

Have a great time!



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Art Renga created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum
copyright of the artist