WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                                          exercise #5
   02/14/04                                                                                                                                 instructions

  Valentine's Day Haiga  ~~ 

    created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia forum


Greetings all,

Ah, he scent of chocolate ... and more chocolate ...
Hope you will all join in, flash your talent and show us 'The Color of Love'
for our Valentine's Day Haiga ... to be unveiled on Valentine's Day. ;-)

The following members will be submitting Valentine's Day haiga.

gillena -2
Linda -2
Andrea Ramey -1
Darrell Byrd -1
Karina -1
Mary Angela -2
Carol -2
Ron Moss - 2
soji -2
Louise -
Kilmeny - 2
Mike Rehling -2
Jasminka -1
ashe - 2



To create a Valentine's Day Haiga using a heart somewhere in the image,
and incorporating either your own haiku OR the following tanka: [tip: you can build your haiga around the tanka, if you wish]

In this world
love is colorless -
yet how deeply
my body
is colored by yours.

--Izumi Shikibu

'Poetry has its seed in the human heart and blossoms forth in innumerable leaves of words ... it is poetry which, with only a part of its power, moves heaven and earth, pacifies unseen gods and demons, reconciles men and women and calms the hearts of savage warriors.'
'Ki no Tsurayuki, Preface to the Kokinshű, Ninth Century


1 - Your image may be computer-art haiga, digitally enhanced photo-haiga or scanned traditional media haiga. (You may submit two images - any style)

2 - Your image must contain a heart(s) as bold or as subtle as you like, but discernible somewhere in your creation. Oh, and the drama of a  broken heart is always acceptable...no matter how many pieces it's in...;-)

3-  Use your own haiku - or the tanka above.

       -If you choose to use the tanka, be sure to include the full text
        and the full name of the poet.
       -do not include your own name or initials in the image.

4- Your final images, including borders, should have as their largest dimension [width
or height] 550 pixels, should be at 72 ppi resolution, should be .jpg images, and    
should be optimized at maximum optimization.

5 -    - Images must not be more than 200 KB.

6 -    Name your image as follows: love-yourname.jpg [no spaces in this name]
     -  If you submit more than one, name them: love-yourname1.jpg,
        Example: love-carolraisfeld1.jpg, love-carolraisfeld2.jpg

7 - You may submit any style haiga (total of 2) if you wish... remember, do not     
      include your name in the image. 

8 - The haiga should be about love. Have fun, and as always use your arsenal of filters and special effects. Experiment!
   - I know we can look forward to an exciting show...;-)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  midnight - Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Send your images [not a zip - individual only] to me at: LaaRouge@aol.com

As always, we will constructively critique on-list the images without knowing the artists' names. (this time please post your guesses - we know each other's work so well - that should be interesting).  After all our critiques are posted, we have a surprise guest who will comment on each image...then the artists' names will be posted  and we can discuss their methods and inspiration ..;-)

And, please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing...and wish to share with all of us.




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