WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                                            exercise #4
    12/03                                                                                                                                     instructions

The First Annual WHChaikumultimedia

Self-portrait Exhibit


Greetings everyone,

Now that everyone has recovered from the 'Tulip' exercise, our new creative endeavor is going to be very exciting. As this may be a time of 'looking inward' while preparing our self-portraits, someone did write and say they would consult with their therapist to see who they are before committing digitally...but to count them in, either way ... ah, the creative juices are flowing ...;-)

The following members will be submitting their self-portrait haiga(s). Hope you'll all join in...the more, the merrier!

ashe -1
Darrell Byrd - 2
soji - 2
Debi Faulkner - 2
Carol - 3
Andrea Ramey - 1
Louise -3
Erin Harte - 1
Michael Rehling - 3
Linda - 2
Carole MacRury - 2
Jasminka - 2
gillena - 1
Ron Moss - 2
Ena -1
Carol Sircoulomb - 2
Jim Swift - 1

Thanks everybody for your great work ...;-)

A  big 'thank you' to our MM haiku coach Joyce Maxner joymax@sdlifestyle.com
who has been standing by to help anyone who might need a haiku tune-up, or perhaps a motivation consultation...;-)



GOAL:  To present a self-portrait haiga using your own haiku. It may be computer-art haiga, digitally enhanced photo-haiga or scanned traditional media haiga. (You may submit one of each type (total of 3).


1.  Your final images, including borders, should have as their largest dimension [width or height] 550 pixels, should be at 72 ppi resolution, should be .jpg images, and should be optimized at maximum optimization.

2. Please use your own original haiku - [no copyright problems!]

3. Name your image as follows: self-yourname.jpg [no spaces in this name]

4. You may submit one of each type of haiga (total of 3) if you wish... remember do not include your name in the image.

If you submit more than one, name them: self-yourname1.jpg, self-yourname2.jpg  
     Example: self-carolraisfeld1.jpg, self-carolraisfeld2.jpg

5. The haiga does not have to be an exact portrait of you, but rather how you would like others to perceive who you are and how you see yourself ... a fairytale you or you as you really are... arty, athletic, grumpy or sweet...have fun and use your arsenal of filters and special effects...add your great haiku to further enhance and define your self-portrait, and we'll have quite a show...;-)

*** See the example below of a great self-portrait, incorporating a meaningful master's haiku... but don't forget, for this exercise we will create our own haiku .

*** Ray Rasmussen -

As always, we will constructively critique on-list the images without knowing ( but possibly trying to guess) the artists names. After all our  critiques are posted, we have a surprise guest ... an internationally known haiku poet and artist whose specialty is digital art, photography and multimedia who will comment on each image...then the artists names will be posted so we can discuss their methods and magic...;-)

SUBMISSION DATE:  midnight - Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Send your images [not a zip - individual only] to me at: LaaRouge@aol.com

Looking forward to seeing the self-portraits of all the talent in this room and your experimentation at work...have fun!

Don't forget, If you want to review, redo, undo or otherwise make your self-portrait haiku more insightful, our own multimedia haiku doctor, Joyce Maxner has graciously offered to work with you. As we all know by now, Joyce's particular strength as a haiku coach is that she knows how to zero in on the elusive thing you want to say when
you can't remember or don't know what it is you wanted to say and the original impulse is slipping away... So for your self-portrait haiku needs, feel free contact Joyce off-list at:

And, please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing...and wish to share with all of us.



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