WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                        exercise 10
             2/14/05                                                                                                         comments




Carol, Linda & Lary....
Thanks for all your hard work once again.  Think it was a great exercise... and - Loads of fun. 

Think we've all risen to the occasion and deserve an A+.  Wonderful haiga everyone...



Everything appeared fine. And awesome. Was a real treat to see so much creative and enthusiasm. Thanks for all the help I got workshopping and enjoying. Much gratitude for all the work that was done by the webweavers and compilers/trackers.

I get goosebumps!  This is fabulous...to see such a spirit of sharing among the MultiMedia Group. I'd be happy to drink to each of us Carol... special thanks to Karina who brought us the kiss in the first place! :-)  Happy Valentines Day !

 Congrats, Carol!!!
You did a wonderful job (as always!!!)
and the page looks gorgeous.
I keep trying to reach in and grab a chocolate
at the bottom, lol!

I don't understand about missing banners...?
the URL works fine for me, and I've posted
it at Haiku Hut and at Gillena's Patchwork.

It was fun to see those who hadn't posted their

soji, I LOVE your wolf -- one of my all time favorites!
Your layered heart is also beautiful...

Ashe, your plum tree is sooooo lovely...
and Carol, what you did with your rose tattoo
is striking!

Carol S. and Vic ... nicely done!

Darrell, I like the improvements you made on your
entries..."desert rose" is delightful!

Missed seeing Ron's work...guess he's tied up
with other things...

The individual works seem to be enhanced by
the overall collection...what a grand show!

Thanks so much, Carol and Linda!

(I'll be taking the working page down shortly.)


Thanking you for the information and website....this is getting more and more exciting...I think Ive found my niche....Can Tanka also be included in this multimedia..I can see the two  Haiku bonding into a Tanka with the picture in the middle...or would that be to much...a bonded Haiga...

As you know, Linda and I encourage everyone to experiment, and invent new
forms by combining the arts into exciting new worlds of multimedia.
We've been exploring the myriad possibilities of incorporating animation, various poetic forms as well as audio into our multimedia possibilities. Our forum offers complete freedom to create and share, offer constructive c&c and be a part of the total creative process. We are very good at guiding and offering creative comments to help each other move forward. Linda, Karina, Gillena and others have invented new forms that we applauded...those forms are now accepted as part of the multimedia experience and have been published outside of the forum. It's exciting!
To answer your question...please explore, invent, be brave...share and enjoy!