WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                                         exercise #3
 7/15/03                                                                                                                                 instructions

Art-Haiku Illustrations:

 a haiku by
 Michael Dylan Welch


Greetings all,

Hope everyone has their cameras, digital filters, watercolor paper and brushes ready to roll!
This should be a challenging and fun project. Please let me know who will be participating, ASAP.
You can let me know on or off list....

Just to clarify...the submissions are due by July 15, 2003


                                           ~ EXERCISE #3 - ILLUSTRATION OF A HAIKU ~  

Our guest Michael Dylan Welch has distinguished himself as one of the best known haiku poets today!  For more information: MichaelDylanWelch  -  http://www.family-net.net/~brooksbooks/welch/index.html. I am delighted to present one of his poems to be used in this exercise and looking forward to his comments about our illustrations.

GOAL:    An illustration of a haiku by Michael Dylan Welch. It may be computer-art haiga, photo-haiga or scanned traditional media haiga. (You may submit one of each type (total of 3).


1.  your final image(s) should measure about  500x500 pixels and 72 ppi

3.  choose any font you like, but you must use the full text of Michael's haiku, including his name [no copyright problems!]

5. name your image as follows: mwelch-yourname.jpg [no spaces in this name]

6. you may submit one of each type of haiga (total of 3) if you wish... remember do not include your name, but make sure Michael's haiku is just as it is posted here.
If you submit more than one, name them: mwelch-yourname1.jpg, mwelch-yourname2.jpg  
     Example: mwelch-carolraisfeld1.jpg, mwelch-carolraisfeld2.jpg

7 .- Images must not be more than 200 KB.

8. - include the full text of the haiku and the full name of the poet
    -do not include your own name or initials in the image.
    -do not include the name of the photographer

9. The design does not have to be a literal representation
of elements in the haiku, but the thematic link or juxtaposition of image and haiku should be perceivable.

SUBMISSION DATE:   by midnight Tuesday July 15, 2003

Send your images [not a zip - individual only] to me at:

When all the submissions are in, I'll then post the variations for all of us to see and comment on.   The haiku is posted below:

tulip festivaló
the colours of all the cars
in the parking lot

Michael Dylan Welch

Looking forward to seeing all your talent and experimentation at work... I know we'll see some exciting new ideas ... be as subtle or as brave as you like ... have fun!

Please continue to submit whatever other work you are doing and wish to share with all of us.



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Illustrations of a haiku by Michael Dylan Welch created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum